About Us

Beacon Planning and Consulting Services, LLC (BPCS) specializes in the provision of technical support services aimed at defining and minimizing risks associated with the acquisition, development or financing of real estate based assets.

Founded in 1997, BPCS has earned a solid reputation of timely and cost effective results. Our diverse backgrounds include engineering, finance, land development, construction, appraisal, architecture, and public service. This depth of experience provides BPCS with a foundation that our clients appreciate and a network they can capitalize upon.

Services offered by BPCS include land planning, redevelopment strategies, market and financial feasibility studies, due diligence, lender and investor support services, obtaining entitlements, technical assistance, and assistance with subsidy finance and grant applications.

Our clients are lenders, investors, industry professionals, developers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other parties engaged in real estate development or investment.



TELEPHONE: 732-845-8100

FAX: 732-845-8104

EMAIL: bpcsadmin@beaconplanning.net

ADDRESS: Colts Towne Plaza, 315 State Highway 34, Suite 129 Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722